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 Getting Saucy...

With Food, Wine & Fun!

Chef Jennifer Bajsel has always had a dedication for creating high quality, flavorful dishes that cross international borders. She began as a home cook over 15 years ago refining her beef ragu sauce which is now one of her signature dishes.  After perfecting the "Traditional" Thanksgiving feast she began hosting an "open house" on that holiday for those without family to share it with.  In 2011 she began her professional culinary career. Chef Jennifer mentored under John Tesar while if school and in  2014 opened Getting Saucy.  In 2015 Chef Jennifer appeared on Food Networks "Beat Bobby Flay".  Chef Bajsel is now a food advocate promoting organic, sustainablenon-GMO local food free of pesticides and antibiotics.  Jennifer can meet clients needs with special nutritional and dietary restrictions.  Getty Saucy is now an attitude!