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Chef Jennifer Bajsel has always had a dedication for creating high quality, flavorful dishes that cross international borders. She began as a home cook over 15 years ago refining her beef ragu sauce which is now one of her signature dishes.  After perfecting the "Traditional" Thanksgiving feast she began hosting an "open house" on that holiday for those without family to share it with.  In 2011 she began her professional culinary career working as a partner in the catering company "Foodie Couture" as she earned her culinary degree from The International School of Culinary Arts at The Art Institute. One year into her culinary education she was mentored by celebrity chef John Tesar, working at his restaurant "Spoon Bar & Kitchen" as Chef de Garde Manger. Chef Bajsel's culinary style is playful yet sophisticated utilizing French technique's to create unique dishes that draw from International cuisines.